10/20/50pcs Tattoo Pen Nano MYM Needles Tip Microneedling 9 Pin/12 Pin/36 Pin/3D/5D Bayonet Screw Port Cartridge Tattoo Needles

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Needle 9 Pin/12 Pin/36 Pin Nano Microneedling for Bayonet Cartridge Derma Pen Nano Needles Head Tattoo Needles 10/20/50pcs

Principle of microneedles

Open the stratum corneum channel that hinders skin absorption, and promote effective penetration and absorption of products such as skin care. For example, we can only apply a part of the essence to the skin. It can be absorbed better with the micro-needle and the effect is better.

1. What is a microneedle?

We do micro-needle beauty, the first beauty tool that will be used is the micro-needle roller (called micro-needle). In fact, the micro-needle is the same as the ultrasonic introducer. The principle and effect are different. Neatly arranged 192 or 540 medical stainless steel needles (not ordinary stainless steel) with a diameter of 0.07 to 0.2 mm.

2. What should you pay special attention to after microneedle beauty?

a, after the micro-needle beauty to do ice film, on the one hand can prevent skin allergies, quickly fade the redness caused by the use of micro-needle, and at the same time have a good repair and maintenance of the skin.

Ice film can be used alone. For example, when you go out, the blushing face is hot, or you feel the skin is uncomfortable, immediately do an ice film treatment, the skin can be comfortable. (It will be better to put the ice film in the refrigerator beforehand.)

b. After the microneedle is finished, the ice film does not need to be washed off, and a little repair cream can be applied as appropriate. It is generally recommended to do it at night. After doing a good job, you can use one night to make the skin have a good rest process, which is good for skin repair.

c. The next day after the microneedle is finished, it is necessary to do a good job of sun protection.

3. What are the precautions for microneedles?

1 There are serious wounds on the face, severe red bloodshots, severe acne during the episode, please do not use, prevent infection, skin acne and scar physique are prohibited.

2 Get sunscreen the next day.

3 Eat less irritating food when making microneedles.

4 micro-needle special for people to avoid cross-infection

4. Is it possible to introduce other creams and other products with microneedles?

Microneedles can only be introduced into sterile products or products that meet certain sterility requirements. The recommended products are lyophilized powder and stock solution. Other cosmetics do not recommend the use of microneedles to avoid infection and cause unnecessary trouble.

5. Why do I use ice film after finishing the microneedle? Can you replace it with other masks?

After using the microneedle, you must use the ice film, mainly to prevent allergies and repair the skin. The skin is not allergic and needs to be used. On the one hand, it is sensitive to prevention. On the one hand, the moisturizing and repairing effect is very good. Many skins are red after the microneedle is made, and it is good to apply the ice film in general.

Product options:

Bayonet Port

A 10pcs*9pin

B 20pcs*9pin

C 50pcs*9pin

D 10pcs*12pin

E 20pcs*12pin

F 50pcs*12pin

G 10pcs*36pin

H 20pcs*36pin

G 10pcs*36pin

Screw Port

A 10pcs*9pin

B 20pcs*9pin

C 50pcs*9pin

D 10pcs*12pin

E 20pcs*12pin

F 50pcs*12pin

G 10pcs*36pin

H 20pcs*36pin

G 10pcs*36pin

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Tattoo Needle

Model Number

tattoo cartridge needles

Product Name

Replacable Cartridge White bayonet For Derma Pen

Product type

9 pin/12 pin/36 pin/42pin/nano/3DL/5DL

Needle application

Bayonet Derma pen device

Product Features 1

Eyebrow tattoo

Product Features 2


Product Features 3

Drift lip


Independent sterilization package

Disassembly method

Bayonet Port

Product quality

10 pcs/20 pcs/50 pcs

Interface Type

Bayonet Port/Screw Port