10/20/50pcs Tattoo Pen Nano MYM Needles Tip Microneedling 9 Pin/12 Pin/36 Pin/42Pin Bayonet Screw Port Cartridge Tattoo Needles

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Micro – needle can break through the epidermis, direct to the dermis, nutrient absorption up to 98%

Screw 9pins, Screw 12pins,Screw 36pins,Screw 42pins ,Screw Nano Round, Screw Nano Square 3D, Screw Nano Square 5D
Bayonet 9pins,Bayonet 12pins,Bayonet 36pins,Bayonet 42pins ,Bayonet Nano Round, Bayonet Nano Square 3D,Bayonet Nano Square 5D

The Difference of Bayonet and Screw Type:
Screw Cartridges fit for Screw Machine
Bayonet Cartridges used for the Bayonet connect head pen

Package:1 box / 2 boxes / 5 boxes


Steel Microneedle:
Sharp and Smooth Needles,less incisional wound,less-pain.
High demand for operation, Fit for Beauty Salon Teacher

Nano Microneedles:
Soft and painless tip, Promote the absorption, Fit for domestic and beginner
It is made of high purity single crystal silicon by NANO Manufacturing


9pin Microneedles: Anti-acne ,Repair the scar

12pin Microneedles: Anti-acne , Repair the scar ,Remover stretch marks

36pin Microneedles: Anti-wrinkle,
Moisturizin,Lifting,Remove freckle

42pin Microneedles: Anti-acne ,Anti-wrinkle, Moisturizin, Lifting,Remove freckle

Round NANO Microneedles: Capture Totale ,Injection of Nutrients,MTS,Anti-wrinkle,Lifting ,Remove Freckle, Day Care

Square NANO Microneedles :Fit for tender skin around eyes ,Red Blood, Lifting and Repairing,Remove Freckle,Day Care

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1.What needle size is suitable for BB Glow
36pin or Nano needles

2.What type of needle do you prefer to use on the face and neck?
12pin needles
Size 1.0mm

3.Which needle is best for large acne scars?
12pin needles

4.Which needle do you recommend for stretch marks?
36 pin needles

5.These cartridges are suitable for biomaser cars ?
No, Biomaser has the patent needles fit for

6.Individually packaged?

7. Is it possible to to Mixed Sizes?
Yes, You can order a mixed type of XXX needles and XXX needles….,when your order more than 2 boxes can support Mixed Size(Kind tips:10pcs in a box with the same needles).

1, You can choose the size which seller write in the listing : “Tell us the mix size “ and leave a massage under your order.
2,You can contact customer service directly and note the XXX Needles .

8.What kind of machine does it fit for and Not fit for?
Fit for dermapen

9.If the needles are universal for any dermapen?
It is not universal, you need to check that the login is bayonet or screw thread.

10.What is the difference between Squre nano and Round nano?
The number of needles

11.What is the size of the screw (where it is screwed into the device), 8 mm or 10 mm?
Screw port fit for 10mm, bayonet port is general

12.What is the thickness of the needle?

13.Should been throwing after one time used ?

14.How to use??
This needle for microfractional therapy.

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Tattoo Needle, 9pin/12pin/36pin/42pin, nano needles

Model Number

tattoo cartridge needles

needle tattoo

microneedling pen

cartridge needle

micro needle cartridge


Skin needle, micro needling face


supplies tattoo

Tattoo needles set

10pcs/box Screw/Bayonet micropigmentation


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micro needling machine, mesotherapy device, nano pen screw


micro needle therapy, mesotherapy needle


medical needle, sharpening, ultima, tebori needles sterilized with EO GAS


medical stainless steel